Information Pairing

Search based business applications.

Build a fully featured search app with our Intelligent Module Kit and a view mouse clicks

You need a knowledge base application for your support? Or a call center information system? Mindbreeze InSpire allows to configure search apps in the web browser user interface. It allows to leverage all elements of the semantic search index.

Information Pairing
Information Pairing

Dynamic Embedding of Website Information.

The news portal implemented a menu "Primary Topics" which is build dynamically out of the most common Mindbreeze InSpire search queries.

If you click on a primary topic a web page is displayed which is generated dynamically out of a Mindbreeze InSpire search result. The search result is embedded in the web page and styled according to the web page style.

The Information Pairing configuration is done in the web browser user interface and generates HTML code which can be embedded in any web page.