The market-oriented implementation of business processes requires an extensive knowledge basis. Data is of different quality and is spread across a large number of different sources. The more complex the tasks and correlations the more important it is to be able to find information and documents quickly.

Mindbreeze InSpire enables the standardised, company-wide access to information. Databases such as email systems, file systems, databases, document management systems, intranet and internet are indexed and searched through. Mindbreeze InSpire also enables external data sources to be integrated into the comprehensive information portal. The existing user access rights of the respective application and application context are always maintained and enforced. Actions can be carried out on the documents in the search results list so that a result can be used instantly.



Company-wide search of documents with one search.

Consistent, standardised search interface delivers simple results with all metadata and is available quickly and irrespective of the platform used.

In the following video* you see how easy and efficient information can be found with Mindbreeze InSpire using the example of Fabasoft eGov-Suite: