Dinasur Partners with Mindbreeze to Offer Search and Knowledge Management Software

SEVILLA, Spain and LINZ, Austria, 27 July 2018 – Dinasur is pleased to announce the launch of a strategic partnership with Mindbreeze. As a long-established search appliance reseller, Dinasur contributes invaluable expertise in the field of knowledge management and big data.

“Our most recent personal experiences have underlined the market demand for tools that do more than just make dealing with large amounts of data bearable but go one step further to provide companies with a decisive competitive edge. We are positive that in this time of transition ushered in by the discontinuation of the Google Search Appliance, the Mindbreeze appliance is the ideal alternative. What we have witnessed is that companies are afraid of extensive implementation procedures. That is exactly one of the factors that won us over. With an out-of-the-box concept and numerous connectors, the Mindbreeze appliance offers an unprecedented ease of integration,” explains Antonio Navarro, Search Expert Consultant at Dinasur.

Companies often have all the information they need within the company, yet they can rarely leverage it. Mindbreeze set its mind on bundling all the different data sources and making them searchable to effectively utilize the embedded wealth of information. Nevertheless, Mindbreeze reveals the search results only to those individuals who are entitled to access them.

"We are very restrictive in our choice of business partners, and carefully screen all partnership offers. We want to guarantee that our partners are thoroughly proficient in the use and capabilities of our product, which in turn serves to inspire our clients. Partnering with Dinasur allows us to reach out to new geographic markets and yet still remain close to our customers," explains Daniel Fallmann, founder and CEO of Mindbreeze.

Mindbreeze has already achieved a growing international network of partners in countries such as Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Slovakia, Mexico, and the United States.

More about Dinasur and Mindbreeze: http://dinasur.com/2018/07/25/dinasur-mindbreeze-acuerdo/


About Dinasur

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