Facts and functionalities

  • 500 pages on the website 
  • Implementation in less than 10 minutes 
  • Better service for members through quick provision of pin-point accurate information 
  • Search results always up-to-date 
  • Semantic search inquiries

Austria |

"As head of IT and organization at ADV, I found the solution particularly impressive. After registering for the service on the Mindbreeze website, we immediately received the necessary embed code for the integration in our website. The search was available straight away. Exactly what I expect a contemporary modern Cloud service to be: Quick. Flexible. Easy.” - Ing. Wolf Hengstberger


A For 50 years ADV (Data Processing Work Group) has been the first port of call in Austria for the communication between interested parties and specialists in information processing. As an information platform ADV organizes a large number of events with highcaliber speakers. As an independent opinion leader, ADV deals critically with new IT topics, points out advantages and disadvantages and publishes these results on its website. In addition to this, specialists also publish their findings regarding IT issues. Despite the multitude of articles, the website visitor should be able to quickly find the information that they want


As part of a market survey, ADV’s head of IT stumbled across the product Mindbreeze InSite. The fully functional product was available for 14 days free of charge. After the test phase expires the customer can decide whether they want to continue using the service or not.


After testing the free 14-day test version, ADV opted for Mindbreeze InSite 500. This allows up to 500 pages/documents to be searched and 25,000 search inquiries per year. After registering for the product Mindbreeze InSite and entering the web address, ADV received the embed code. This generated code just needed to be integrated into the website. Within a matter of minutes the search was available.

Search results are clearly structured using tabs and correlations are visible due to semantic search inquiries. With Mindbreeze InSite the website visitor gets an overview of new events and publications without needing to click through the site.

Objectives met

Mindbreeze InSite automatically searches the ADV website for changes. These changes are then prepared in the Fabasoft Cloud data centers and made searchable. Thus ADV benefits from the advantages of the solution (no maintenance effort, no administrative tasks).