A 360-Degree View in Every Department

A 360-Degree View in Every Department

Data often gets scattered throughout the company in different software packages and projects. It is imperative to synthesize this data to avoid missing crucial correlations, and to provide the user with a 360-degree view.

That’s why Lufthansa Technik uses Mindbreeze InSpire to search internal corporate databases. Information is made available from a multitude of sources in the right context for the user and the department. A query to search a component automatically displays information about logistics, maintenance, experts, and tickets.

"Mindbreeze brings us one step further into the future of digitization, and makes all the necessary information better available to our employees."

Nico Dannenbring, Corporate Innovation Manager

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  • A complete perspective on company data (360-degree view)
  • Efficient and clear presentation of company data
  • Target-oriented application and transmission of corporate expertise
  • Speedier and higher quality provision of services