Mindbreeze InSpire 2017 Summer Release

The 2017 Summer Release is here and we have again numerous innovations for you:

  • PDF Preview: Navigation between search results

    In addition to color highlighting the search query, navigation buttons now enable you to navigate to the next hit in the PDF preview.

    PDF Preview
  • Improved relevance

    In the new update, the order of search results is automatically altered so that the first hits better match the search query. Extended settings in the relevance model can be configured extensively in the Management Center.

  • Faster restart of services

    The system for starting and stopping services has been improved. Indexes are now shut down simultaneously. This reduces the waiting time for configuration changes, especially in large installations. In addition, only the affected services will be restarted if the configuration is changed.

See more updates in our Release Notes.


Patrick Geschwentner presents all the new features in detail and demonstrates how to configure them: Download.

Download Release

Click here to download the Mindbreeze InSpire 2017 Summer Release: Updates & PI.