Challenges of a digital workplace

The digitization of enterprises comes with a growing number of files, documents and data. Employees have to deal with many different applications like intranet, social tools, file share, DMS, CRM, emails or ticketing systems. The problem with that is that employees only find the required information if they know exactly where to look.

In Average 1% of the digital enterprise information are actively used. Mindbreeze InSpire is a universal search that provides the solution to connect all systems within the whole digital workplace.

25% of an employee's time is spent looking for information
50% of people need to search 5 or more sources
38% of time is spent unsuccessfully searching

Why Mindbreeze InSpire?



InSpire connectors intelligently unite information from all data sources into a semantic search index. Example of standard connectors: network directories, email systems, DMS systems, CRM systems, HR systems, intranet, company web portals and so on. Find all offered connectors here

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Extrahierung wertvoller Informationen



Additionally, to finding the content users were looking for, InSpire immediately and proactively provide the information in its correct context. The shown content is location-dependent and personalized. Time, input device, available functions and from factors are also considered by the Insight Engine.





Four very important aspects to making your content searchable are metadata, entity recognition, taxonomies and deep machine learning. First InSpire extracts content, such as customer IDs or creation date 1:1 from documents. Unfortunately, metadata is not always present, consistently or accurate. A major strength of InSpire is its ability to recognize patterns and correlations where people can only see data chaos. Therefore, in the next step, pattern-based entity extraction enables InSpire to discover further properties in documents. It can be used to recognize whether the document is an application or an order and to make more efficient searches afterwards.

To lead searchers to content that they are really looking for, InSpire provides insight into vocabulary, using the taxonomy. It ensures that the search appliance recognizes your company’s vocabulary as internal acronyms, branding or preferred terminology.

The more data InSpire obtains over time the more it’s performance is improved. Deep Machine Learning libraries provide analytics of contents and user behavior so that the Insight Engine develops and learns from previous deviations.







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Why Mindbreeze?


Mindbreeze has been engaged in the development of intelligent search technology for more than ten years. Ten years of development, know-how and experience stand behind the Mindbreeze products in our core areas of enterprise search, text mining, data mining und semantic self-learning mechanisms/algorithms.

Try & Buy

A unique feature of Mindbreeze is the "Try & Buy" program. Mindbreeze allows interested customers to test all functions and features of the application under real business conditions and for 28 days. It should be highlighted here that the customer enjoys the full support of Mindbreeze already at this stage and doesn’t simply receive the standard configuration.

Security and Reliability

Mindbreeze is part of the Fabasoft Group and uses Fabasoft Cloud Services. Data protection and data security have the utmost priority for Fabasoft as a software manufacturer and cloud provider. Fabasoft is certified and tested according to all relevant standards for security and reliability. Through our company and server locations in Central Europe we are subject to the strictest data protection laws. Your data is in safe hands with us. Read more about how we guarantee the security of your dat here


Highest in Ability to Execute


Besides a lot of awards and prices Mindbreeze is represented in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines. In 2017 Mindbreeze is positioned as highest challenger in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines. Also KMWorld once again ranks Mindbreeze among the 100 companies that matter in knowledge management.


Global Players’ first choice


Internationally known companys like Lufthansa, Daimler AG, Manpower or Spar are only a little extract of customers Mindbreeze is providing with their solutions. Read mor to our customers .

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