Search Appliance

Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance
Search appliance server box

Mindbreeze InSpire is delivered as a pre-installed Enterprise Search Appliance Box. Put the server box into the rack. Configure data sources. Start information crawling.


And tomorrow information will turn into inspiration for your enterprise.


Mindbreeze InSpire update the search index for new and updated information quickly. The time interval can be configured for updating the index every 10 minutes.

Mobile search

Access on mobile devices. Anytime and anywhere.

    Mindbreeze InSpire gives you access to all the business facts in the semantic search index on mobile devices. Anytime, anywhere.

    File Services, DMS, legacy applications, SAP, Websites. Whatever you search, you'll find it on your Tablet or Smartphone. Securely and reliably.

    The Mindbreeze InSpire preview builds the content of search hit out of the search index data. Thereby, all search hits can be viewed on mobile devices, even if the appropriate application is not available. This allows to read Microsoft Outlook emails on Apple iPhones, for instance, without having a Microsoft mail client.

  • Apple iTunes
  • Google Play
Data security
Access rights verification

Users only find what they are allowed to.


Mindbreeze InSpire ensures that each user will find only business facts which he is allowed to access.


Mindbreeze InSpire verifies access rights directly from indexed data sources. If the access rights for a particular user change, Mindbreeze InSpire ensures that this is change of access is applied to each search attempt.