InSite Tutorials

Once your account is created, the following video tutorials will help you unleash the full potential of InSite. No account yet? Click here to sign up for your free 28 day trial!

01 | How to create search tabs.

In this tutorial video you'll find out how you can customize your Mindbreeze InSite search and create search tabs. Search tabs make it possible to narrow the context of a specific search result.

02 | How to create facets.

This tutorial video shows you how to show, hide or edit the search facets of your Mindbreeze InSite search. Facets help to pin down the best possible results without refining your search.

03 | Information pairing.

See how to extend your website with information and content such as blog posts and news articles from your social media portals using information pairing.

04 | Integrate InSite into your website.

So that all your website visitors can enjoy your new Mindbreeze InSite search, let us show you how to integrate Mindbreeze InSite into your website -- it really only takes a few seconds.

Any questions left?

As you can see in the tutorial videos, everything is pretty straight forward. From configuring InSite to implementing and extending it. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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