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The Enterprise Search Appliance

Illuminating what your company knows

To continue to operate successfully in the future, it’s becoming increasingly necessary for companies to be able to access and utilize all their knowledge.

Mindbreeze InSpire can help by providing users with the right information at the right time – just like a personal assistant who keeps an eye on the appointment calendar. By permanently observing a person’s working methods and the type of information that he or she finds relevant, the system learns to differentiate between important and unimportant information and provide the former in a way that is proactive and timely.

Augmented Information

Augmented Information: A 360-degree view

Data is collected from a diverse array of sources to provide employees or customers with a 360-degree view of exactly those topics or customers that are relevant for them. Mindbreeze automatically provides data across all applications, and across all departmental and corporate boundaries.

Continuous access from wherever you are.

Simple architecture. Easily scalable.

Komplexe Serverstruktur
Mehrere Mindbreeze InSpire Appliances - Einfach skalierbar.
Component Conventional Search Solutions Mindbreeze InSpire
Servers Buy 1 or more servers Included
Storage Buy RAID storage Included
Configuration & Performance Tuning 1-3 IT FTEs Included
Hardware, O/S, Application Maintenance 1-3 IT FTEs Included
Implementation $50K - $500K Included
Software, Maintenance 20% per Year Included

Management Dashboard

Management Board - Top 10 Terms without Results
Management Board - Availability
Management Board - Index Operations Trend by Action
Management Board - Effective Indexed Documents

450+ Connectors for data sources


The Enterprise Search Appliance: Plug it in. Get started.

Minimaler Aufwand

Mindbreeze InSpire comes to you as an appliance − coordinated hardware and search software. Mindbreeze analyzes structured and unstructured information from all corporate sources. The solution recognizes the contents of documents, classifies them, and creates the semantic correlations between the individual pieces of content.

Are you looking for hybrid search?

Mindbreeze also offers a cloud service.


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