Forrester Webinar - Hybrid Search

Big data, mobile, cloud, data protection, data security... Sound familiar?

March 12, 2013 5:00 pm
- 5:45 pm CET

Big data, mobile, cloud, data protection, data security... Sound familiar?

These terms have been floating around the enterprise search industry for a while now, keeping CIOs on their toes and wracking their heads contemplating the right solution. This webinar harnesses the opinions of two industry experts to discuss these issues in practical detail.

Forrester analyst Leslie Owens opens the webinar by discussing the current challenges facing the enterprise search industry.The most efficient response to the challenges of big data and mobile is moving in the direction of the cloud. But cloud inevitably brings up the questions of control over where your data lies and of what type of solutions are best suited to specific business needs.

Mindbreeze CEO Daniel Fallmann then offers a more solution-oriented perspective on these challenges, demonstrating the concept of easily customizable cloud-based applications and the idea of hybrid search solutions.

Then open up the floor to the participants as both experts answer questions live.

13.3.2013 Hybrid Search Webinar Recording Download WMV | 69.0 MB

Meet the speakers:

Leslie Owens Leslie Owens, Forrester Principal Analyst & Research Director serving enterprise architecture professionals.
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Mindbreeze CEO and Founder Daniel Fallmann Daniel Fallmann, Managing Director and Founder of Mindbreeze.
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