Cognitive search and knowledge discovery solutions are technologies that elevate information search and knowledge elicitation to a whole new level.


Extracting valuable information

Through semantic analysis, Mindbreeze InSpire interprets and processes both structured and unstructured data from the complete spectrum of data sources, such as file systems, databases, streams, APIs, and apps..

In the process, cognitive search homes in on the valuable data and proactively offers it in the relevant context.

Screenshot: Extracting valuable information

Context-relevant information


The data is prepared in a situation-specific manner that displays a different view of the company's knowledge depending on an employee’s role. Mindbreeze provides and displays results that are subjectively prepared and tailored for each individual user based on various parameters such as past search queries.

Humanized Big Data:
Quality eclipses quantity

The information is clearly prepared and presented so that every employee (even non-data scientists) can derive clear answers ̶ actionable insights ̶ from big data analyses and use them as a basis for decision making. This requires an approach that is more qualitative than quantitative, as well as a high degree of data visualization.

Customer View NLP Natural Language Processing
360 Grad Fachbereiche


A 360-degree view for fast and seamless interaction

Wide-ranging projects and multiple software applications often mean that data gets stored in several different applications.

Linking and synthesizing all relevant data is crucial for providing employees with a quick and complete 360-degree view of customers, projects, and other relevant material.

Self-learning system

With Mindbreeze InSpire’s machine learning capability, search results are continually refined and optimized. Through permanent analysis − for instance, by recording the search queries and clicks of the user and recognizing semantic connections − the system learns to correctly assess the relevance of the search results.

Insight Engine Cycle
Natural Language Processing

Deep Content Analytics with NLP and Machine Learning Technology

Mindbreeze offers total language independence through corpus-based natural language processing (NLP). In combination with language packages, statistical methods, and machine learning technologies, Mindbreeze analyzes unstructured data semantically and edits and prepares it for the search.

This means that Mindbreeze InSpire provides a far more comprehensive interpretation than simple keyword matching, and can understand semantic correlations that ultimately define the difference between mediocre and excellent search results.