Facts and functionalities 

  • More than 40,000 search queries per day
  • Around 50 new articles a day 
  • New articles are instantly detectable: The index is updated every 10 minutes. 
  • Semantic search function
  • Better information of website users


Austria | www.futurezone.at

"As an Austrian technology portal I’m pleased to beable to integrate an Austrian search on futurezone. It fits our concept perfectly of putting Austrian ideas and companies in the limelight. With Mindbreeze we’ve gained one of the leading search machine developers as a partner. This allows us to fulfill and understand the informationneeds of our website visitors with more speed andmore precision.” - Gerald Reischl


The portal originally used Google as its website search. This delivered search results but often without the expected added value for the reader. The simple listing of search results wasn’t enough for futurezone.at as a reader service. Management therefore decided to implement Mindbreeze InSite in order to offer website visitors an improved reader service.


With Mindbreeze InSite searching should become an experience for website visitors. As the first news portal provider in Austria, futurezone.at made the intuitive search available to its readers. The clear arrangement of search results using facets, search tabs and other further refinement suggestions (e.g. date, year, author) ensures easy orientation for the user.


To convince the futurezone.at team of the advantages of Mindbreeze InSite, an online demo system was set up where all the solution’s functions could be tested. During the course of this demo environment, with real data from the real system, the adaptation of the search tabs and the optimization of the facets (date, year, author) for the further refinement of the search took place. Once the entire editing team had completed the test phase the settings were transferred to the real system. The search was then instantly available to the readers.

Objectives met

The changeover was smooth without any interference with the search on the portal. Approximately 14,000 pages were searched through and their content indexed. The added value of the search was instantly available to the visitors. With the service, readers find the information they need quicker. This improved reader service is also reflected in the many positive comments about the search on the futurezone website.