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Using InApp to Search-enable your Applications

For most businesses designing a customized search engine from scratch is not really  feasible. It's simply not their core business. With Fabasoft Mindbreeze InApp software manufacturers, providers, integrators and developers can profit from the proven Fabasoft Mindbreeze technology with very little integration effort.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze InApp fulfills expectations of developers, software vendors and system integrators alike:

  • Higher precision of search results
  • Increased domain knowledge
  • Specific unique context actions based on content and users
  • Powerful query refinements

Fabasoft Mindbreeze InApp provides a platform that runs under both Linux and Windows. It can be integrated into applications using whatever language, but only provides samples for one of the following programming languages out of the box: Java, C# or C++. Open interfaces and multiple configuration options leave room for adapting to individual requirements. We support (web) services with SOAP interfaces and RESTful interfaces. We offer wrappers for Java, C#, C/C++, JavaScript so that every integrator can look at our samples using those wrappers and interface.

Our software development kit can be downloaded at and you can get a ready-to-run development VM and tutorials from the Mindbreeze Developer Web.

Our samples include wrappers for the main languages and jQuery controls that can be used within Web Parts as well.

In the latest version of Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise SDK we support developers with:

  • An easy to use RPM package for Linux developers alongside a setup for Microsoft Windows supporting: C/C++, Java 1.6 and .NET 4.0 (Windows)
  • A new developer tool "mesjavaplugin", which is used to create projects for filter and connector plugins (crawler, authorization and contextualization) based on Java.
  • Version detection: Fabasoft Mindbreeze detects the version of a plugin zip file based on binary information saved in the zip file – isolation of program if necessary.
  • Support for extension point plugins in Mindbreeze Manager: Extension point plugins can be configured in Manager.

A concrete partner scenario

Their patent records are publicly available and have a common XML format but all records are from different countries, written in different languages with local formats and specifications.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze InApp shortened the development process of search-enabling these patient records by factors, in comparison with other solutions available.

The developers had the opportunity to...

  • focus on their use cases
  • define unique metadata,
  • retrieve relevant contents
  • provide specific context actions rather than project organization and configuration.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze InApp provides a fast and reliable search experience for them and a number of dynamic and access-checked search facets based on the extracted and retrieved metadata, that help the user to refine their searches.

Advantages at a glance

  • Cost efficient
  • Field-tested and approved quality
  • Focus on shortest possible time to market
  • Simple integration with the Fabasoft Mindbreeze - InApp Client
  • Platform independent (Linux and Windows)
  • Documented samples in C++, C# and Java available online

Interested? Go to and learn more about Fabasoft Mindbreeze InApp.

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Fabasoft Mindbreeze technology with very little integration effort. Details are
given in, “Using InApp to Search-enable your Applications.” Fabasoft Mindbreeze
InApp provides a platform that runs under both Linux and Windows. It can be

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