Published: August 31, 2011 - 02:00

Use the Power of Wikipedia

Mindbreeze for Wikipedia is the professional way to search and explore Wikipedia, having the power of effective search restriction and navigation means at your disposal.

  • Fabasoft Mindbreeze extracts more from Wikipedia articles than just the plain content: So for example, category information is harvested and extracted, as well as dedicated metadata e.g. of info boxes (example article with an info box).
  • Once you've found your article, Fabasoft Mindbreeze provides a quick preview page, comprising the essence of the article, while all the inter-Wiki and external links are preserved in the extract.
  • Using dynamic facet classification as a simple and flexible method to narrow down your search results. For example, you can use the date facet to focus on the newest articles, or the category facet to restrict the results to a single Wikipedia category.
  • Breadcrumb navigation provides awareness for the chosen navigation path, and a simple means to backtrack and choose a different path, for example to undo a single facet category restriction.

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Mindbreeze for Wikipedia enriching Fabasoft Folio Cloud

Mindbreeze for Wikipedia is also available as a Fabasoft Cloud App.

Try out the Fabasoft Folio Cloud App

Mindbreeze for Fabasoft Folio Cloud searches all structured and unstructured information from Folio Cloud such as team rooms, Word documents, etc. After installing the Mindbreeze for Wikipedia App, Wikipedia appears as an additional data source.

That way, a seamless side-by-side integration/search in both data sources becomes possible, providing a perfect combination: Enterprise knowledge is easily extended by the knowledge provided in Wikipedia. Cloud users cooperating in team rooms can gather information about a technology, acronym, a standard or another company at a glance without having to switch to an external Wikipedia session.

Mindbreeze for Wikipedia mobile versions

Mindbreeze for Wikipedia is also available for Apple iPhone / iPad and Android in the respective App Stores.

The mobile versions use the same search engine behind the scenes, but the user interface is optimized for mobile devices.

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