Published: August 31, 2010 - 02:00

Unified Information Access – Inside Modern Administrated Chambers

Modern administrated chambers face the problem of finding all their information quickly and easily whilst maintaining the required discretion. The main goal is to get the information that can be located in  internal databases, Microsoft Exchange, Cloud applications and in specific line of business applications (such as the line of business applications from Advokat in Austria,

Since 1954 Hochleitner Ransmayr Lawyers have been a very successful and innovative Austrian administrated chambers, who have combined their local competence with an international  network of know-how.
Some months ago they contacted us to discuss and realize state-of-the-art information access for their large information stores within a tight time frame and at low costs. The chambers are located in Eferding, Linz and Perg (Austria) and offer a holistic legal consulting to its clients in business and private affairs.
The first step to roll out a solution that meets all requirements of the chambers was to review all existing processes. In this context, it was important to find all information quickly and easily and maintain the required discretion. Another requirement was to illustrate the results clearly in a list.
How to start?

Day 1

  1. Take the search box (Fabasoft Mindbreeze Appliance)
  2. Make yourself a clear picture of the Search Use Cases the customer needs
  3. Put the box into the rack and configure it
  4. Index all the data sources
  5. Make several test searches yourself and with the customer
  6. The customer sends out an email with the link where the employees can start testing

Day 2

  1. End-users test the search solution
  2. Analyse query logs
  3. (Tuning if needed)
  4. Go live!

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The solution rolled out was Fabasoft Mindbreeze Appliance, a combination of hardware (server) and pre-installed Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise software. The implementation was completed in only two days.