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Understanding 3 different Federation Scenarios

Searching multiple sources/infrastructures manually is tedious, time consuming and relevant information is easily missed. With Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise such troubles are a thing of the past. Our Web Client allows you to search multiple installations using advanced federation possibilites.

Let me explain the most common use cases and show how they can be made easier using federation.

1. Combine multiple Query Services in your enterprise

If you have multiple Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise installations in your enterprise you can easily add Query Services of one installation to another. Just type the URL of the Query Service into the "Additional Query Service" option of your Client Service. This approach has the benefits of being fully controllable by the administrator and authentication occurs transparently for the user. We call this approach server side federation because the search requests are issued from one server to the other.

The downsides of this approach are that you have to have your authentication infrastructure set up to allow the two installations to communicate with each other and you have to use the same authentication mechanisms and user names for all your services.

Moreover, your server infrastructure needs to have access to all federated sources, which can sometimes  lead to security questions in your enterprise infrastructure.

2. Search your enterprise data sources across multiple domains

If you have multiple installations in different domains and/or different user names, client side federation is the way to go. Client side federation happens entirely in your browser using HTML5 postMessage goodness. We have been using JSONP for years and are really happy to have a standards-based means for comunicating with different servers now.

You can use the Account settings to activate data sources from a source directory.

If a federated data source needs authentication a dialog will appear. Each user can activate and deactivate the data source he/she needs.

Your administrator defines a source directory and everything else is up to your users. No domain level trusts have to be established.

3. Federating public services

Fabasoft Mindbreeze offers public services for you to federate. These sources are available by default in your Account settings. Currently the offer includes services for searching the English and German Wikipedia, and Fabasoft Folio Cloud.

This offer is a really great way to enhance your search experience with other data sources. The great benefits of public offerings are:

  • Guaranteed service levels monitored by a professional team of administrators
  • A certified Cloud and SaaS infrastructure with highest security levels (SAS 70, ISO 27001 certified)
  • Zero setup and configuration
  • Zero hardware to buy
  • Each user can activate the sources he/she needs
  • A fast-growing, professional infrastucture of additional services

One last thing

These federation use cases are also available using our Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise Mobile Client.

Try it yourself

Activate the Fabasoft Mindbreeze Wikipedia services for Fabasoft Folio Cloud in the Cloud Apps Shop or federate it in your own installation. To search Wikipedia with Mindbreeze goto

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