Published: February 6, 2013 - 01:00

Summer job campaign on

Not yet secured the perfect job or internship for the summer? Then it’s time to take part in the innovative campaign on Mindbreeze is once again offering two interesting and exciting internships for IT and online marketing. So what are you waiting for?! – The start gong has already been sounded.

When the invitation for the summer job campaign arrived from the bosses were asked what they thought about it.

“We were really impressed by our two interns last summer. Dedication and enthusiasm for our software solutions are exactly the characteristics that we value in our employees”, assessed Daniel Fallmann, Mindbreeze founder and managing director, “We are offering two 2-3 month internships at our head office in Linz. I’m already looking forward to this year’s applications.” This video (video in German) shows you what it’s like to work with us.

For our marketing team we are looking for a candidate with a marketing focus in their studies. Area of responsibility: The shaping of international online marketing campaigns for the cloud product “Mindbreeze InSite”.

Our mobile app development team is looking for a candidate with programming knowledge (web, mobile) and an IT focus in their studies. Area of responsibility: Developing creative, mobile applications for Mindbreeze users as part of a software development team.

The chance to get hold of a cool and unique summer job at a technical company in Austria is well under way. The application itself also entails a technically creative aspect. Read on the different ways you can apply and which companies are offering internships.

Here a quick glimpse into the future: Suchen macht Spaß (video in German).

You can also send your application directly to the careers team: