Published: April 30, 2012 - 02:00

Semantics and Facets: Mindbreeze InSite makes your news cosmos “sexy”

Typical news portals live for today, but what about yesterday, the day before yesterday and the story from the day before the day before yesterday?! Your interests determine your individual world of information. The question of when the Euro crisis actually began, for example. How we went from iPod to iPad? Or simply the history of my favorite ice hockey team.

I would summarize all this under the term “Wiki Life”, real-life stories. Mindbreeze InSite is the navigator within your news cosmos. One of the top websites in Austria has also been won over – is now “powered by Mindbreeze”. Their site users can quickly and easily find the exact information that they want on futurezone.

Semantic Search

The key term is semantic search, which means “understanding content”. And I’m proud to be able to report that Mindbreeze InSite can do this perfectly. But how does it work? It’s not magic code, just statistical mathematics and sophisticated content analysis. Both aspects molded together in one program give Mindbreeze its power to “think”.

Through content analysis and statistics, Mindbreeze InSite really can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each website operator. Essentially the result is always the same: The perfect search results you need quickly. You can also search, for example, according to author, topic, tags and terms.

Furthermore, in this manner, connected (search-based) content is kept up to date without manual or technical effort. This means that Mindbreeze InSite always displays the latest blog article or newsletter for example and of course the most relevant content for a topic on the relevant homepage/website. This takes place automatically and in the background.

Faceted search

I would describe it as a taboo word but searching with facets makes me happy, particularly when it allows me to find the proverbial needle in a haystack of thousands of search results… easily and without any real effort.

The search results can be broken down further. This means that with the help of so-called “search tabs” content can be organized into categories, for example in reports from the area “products” or “B2B” or – if the company has been mentioned in a comment – “opinion”. These search tabs are both individual and useful and can be adapted for every site with minimal effort – the “products” tab can be replaced with “people” and so on…

A small but particularly fine detail is the fact that Mindbreeze InSite also recognizes images. An image is recognized and indexed alongside the article in which it is contained. The image is then displayed in the search results for that article. The recognition value of the article is therefore higher, since a picture always says more than a thousand words.

In any case, visitors are impressed with Mindbreeze. Thousands of searches processed daily in under 200ms, you could even say in the blink of an eye. Searching in the news cosmos really can be sexy when you know that you’re getting the best and not just any search result.

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Daniel Fallmann

Semantics and Facets in Mindbreeze InSite :Beyond Search

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