Published: April 29, 2011 - 02:00

Secure Website Search in the Cloud

Fabasoft Mindbreeze InSite is our product to empower websites with professional high-end search cababilities. We offer InSite as a Cloud service and for on premise installation. Today, I would like to show how you can adapt the search-experience by defining views.

Views allow you to group search results by search queries. It's a really great and simple concept and you can adapt your search results without any need for server configuration. The following 5 scenarios should get you started on the topic, but we are open for your views as well.

1. Search all your sites

If you host multiple web sites, you can unify searches for all of those sites. But always searching all sites can overwhelm your visitors. By grouping the results by site, you help your users to find the relevant information. The estimated result count in the tab header helps as well. The magazine Computerwelt uses this approach on their web site

2. Group by various dimensions e.g. products

The Fabasoft Group web site took a different approach. To display the best known aspects of the companies, the search results are grouped by products.

In the case of Fabasoft there are websites for each product, but you could use this grouping as well, if you have keywords on your product pages.

Did you notice a difference to the first example? The tabs now contain images, allowing your visitor to identify the contents of the tab more easily.

3. Use your metadata

What I described so far could all be described as metadata views, but metadata views can reach further if the crawler is configured to harvest special metadata on your site. Some metadata, like keywords, are searchable by default. But the crawler can be configured to extract specially formatted elements as metadata. This option is great if you have a nicely marked up breadcrumb trail. Let's say the crawler is configured to save the breadcrumb as metadata named breadcrumb. Then searching for breadcrumb:"People" yields all search results where the breadcrumb trail contains the People entry.

4. InSite understands your content: content-based views

But not only grouping by metadata is possible. You can define views based on searching for a word or phrase as well.

This works if the user added this word to their query.

5. What's new

You can have a "What's New" tab as well. This can be a great aid for your users, if they want to find the newest information first. This approach works especially well if you update your site very often. But beware: You have to set up your Content Management System to set the correct date on each of your pages.

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