Secure Access to your Corporate Data from your Smartphone

In 1992 the first smartphone was presented as a concept product of IBM at the COMDEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was called Simon and sold in 1993 by BellSouth. It already contained the following features: calendar, address book, world clock, calculator, notepad, e-mail, send and reveive fax, games.

18 years later, 4 billion people worldwide use mobile devices. And it's no secret that more and more people (and all generations without any exceptions) make use of smartphones as their mobile devices. Interesting to know that in comparison just over 1 billion use desktop computers.

The age of consumerization

In the age of consumerization protecting corporate data is a challenging game. As Bruce Schneier (a well-known American cryptographer, computer security specialist) points out in his article "Should enterprises give in to IT consumerization at the expense of security?":

The meta-trend here is consumerization: cool technologies show up for the consumer market before they’re available to the business market. Every corporation is under pressure from its employees to allow them to use these new technologies at work, and that pressure is only getting stronger. Younger employees simply aren’t going to stand for using last year’s stuff, and they’re not going to carry around a second laptop. They’re either going to figure out ways around the corporate security rules, or they’re going to take another job with a more trendy company. Either way, senior management is going to tell security to get out of the way. […] Either way, it’s going to be harder and harder to say no.

Mobile (Enterprise) Search supports organizations of any size to say “yes” to organization  internal information stores, while working within the context of the organization’s overall risk management framework and makes sure that enterprise applications' toughest security models are enforced.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile makes sure that employees can access the information in their filestores, mailstores, document management systems and other important corporate and Cloud datastores in a secure and intuituve way.

No matter which file format, the information can be displayed as a HTML preview to the users, even when the source application itself has no mobile client. The display of search results equals that of the trusted Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise Client on desktop PCs in respect of a clear overview and intuitive navigation.

Existing access rights to internal corporate documents and data also remain in place when the information is displayed on smartphones. The user is only shown information to which he/she has at least reading rights.

Furthermore, Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile proves that practical and time saving
utilization of comprehensive mobile information access need not compromise data security.

You’re going to see all kind of changes but mobile is going to be a big part of it.

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