Published: September 4, 2013 - 02:00

Search, find and use efficiently

A number of companies increasingly stumble across the problem that they have good quality data but aren’t in a position to use it efficiently. Treibacher Industrie AG from Althofen was one such company facing this problem.

The Austrian company gained world leadership in the field of chemistry and metallurgy and has been dealing with the subject of data management since 2010. The company’s priority was that the future solution should be easy to manage, should take into account existing corporate rights, and should reduce expenses in terms of costs and time to a minimum level.

Mindbreeze InSpire is a combination of hardware and pre-installed search software that can easily be integrated in an existing IT infrastructure. It proved to be the perfect solution for Treibacher Industrie AG. Once the hardware had been delivered, the Mindbreeze team introduced the system to the of Treibacher Industrie AG’s IT experts and conducted the individual configurations via an online meeting.

An intelligent caching technology assures that the checking of access rights, made on every search request, does not slow down the system. Because Mindbreeze InSpire is fully web-based, there is no need for installations on the individual work stations, and version upgrades are also easy to roll-out.

With Mindbreeze, Treibacher Industrie AG found the right product and now has an elegant and uncomplicated solution that helps them to manage and extract the maximum value from their continuously growing amounts of data.

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