Published: February 16, 2011 - 01:00

Search-based Access to your Microsoft Outlook PSTs

... even on your iPad or smartphone.

As we all know, e-mail is mission critical for today’s daily business. Besides its communication function it is often still the most important knowledge base in many companies, e.g. to cooperate and collaborate with other companies. Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise supports among others the three big enterprise mail systems: Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus and Novell GroupWise. 

Nevertheless,  a considerably large amount of emails is stored in archives, on fileshares, on your desktop or even, as is now very often the case, in the Cloud. Users of Microsoft Outlook often have to handle lots of PST archive files on their own because of enterprise-wide mailbox limits that force them to keep their mailbox small. PST means Personal Storage Table. It is the archive file format generated by Microsoft Outlook. Users can move and archive emails, calendar events, contacts, notes and even tasks to a PST file in a copy and paste fashion or just via an export job. This feature is mainly used to archive your mailbox content and helps to keep your "online" mailbox size small.

Crawling and filtering PST files

The PST filter integrated in Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise works as an add-on to e.g. a configured filesystem data source. It extracts all items such as emails, calendar events, contacts and tasks from a PST file delivered by a crawler (e.g. the filesystem crawler). All items are attributed with a rich set of extracted metadata. The PST filter extracts two objects for every item in a PST file. The first one provides the analysed content and metadata describing the item, whereas the second one is a binary representation of the EML data and used to offer the original email to the user during a query.

Enforcing access rights: All extracted items inherit their access rights from the original PST container as defined e.g. on filesystem directories or shares.

Empower your users

Leverage the power of your content. Anywhere and anytime. Whenever you need it.

Don't bother any more attaching every single PST file in your Microsoft Outlook client. Just put them on a secure file share. The Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise - Web Client gives you immediate search access.

  • You can search for certain time spans, email senders, keywords in the email content, refine to emails of high importance.
  • For every mail you can immediately see the sender, all recipients, even those in carbon copy. If you want to see the entire message body just click on "Preview".
  • Extracted contact items are displayed with all necessary personal data such as company name, job description, address and phone number. If it is available even the person's portrait is shown. Find all acquired contacts during a certain period of time or every meeting you had with a certain person. Get a customers name by his/her phone number.
  • Combine several constraints using the Advanced Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise - Query Language.
  • Facets in the web client show you the set of possible email recipients within the constraints of your search.
  • Search for business contacts from a certain company or department.
  • You don't remember the office location of one of your customers? Simply look up the address in one of your contacts.
  • Search in all your emails to find business related emails. Narrow your search to a certain recipient to find out when the last communication took place. Find out who was involved in the last common meeting with a certain company.

Act immediately on your content

By clicking on a search hit you can immediately open every email, calendar event, contact, task from your PST in Microsoft Outlook. This allows you to leverage the power of Microsoft Outlook for every item in your PST files.

You don't need to attach your PSTs in Microsoft Outlook  any more since you can access them via Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise - Web Client, secure and from anywhere in the world.
If you want to share items from PST archives you can download them in standard file formats like EML, iCalendar or vCard.

Ubiquitous search access

Use mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) to search and access your PST archives anytime and from anywhere.

  1. Connected? Via a UMTS data card or WLAN? Great!
  2. Authenticate: Username/Password or a client certificate authorizes you to the Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise - Web Client.
  3. Access rights are enforced.
  4. You have complete access to all crawled resources that you are allowed to read/access.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile comes with a UI especially optimized for mobile devices such as a BlackBerry, iPhone, Android smartphone. This means you have all your emails, contacts, calendar data in your pocket.

Take a look at search hits in the user interface of an iPad


Our support of PST files enables you to extract the information contained in your PST archive files. All extracted items are stored with a set of content specific metadata allowing searches for almost all kinds of aspects. Search access from mobile devices enables you to search for information in any of your PST archives. Both convenient and quick. According to our motto: "Knowledge is a matter of seconds."

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