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I’m frustrated. Not in general (I’m actually quite a happy chap!), but there’s something bugging me. As people get older (I’m still a fresh-faced 21 year-old by the way), thoughts can drift towards future plans. So I ended up surfing my local council website looking for information about house building. I was specifically looking for information about the energy performance certificate. The result wasn’t particularly enlightening.

Apparently my local council’s website and possibly even the council itself had never heard of an energy performance certificate. I was pretty sure that this wasn’t the case. Sometimes you really can’t find anything in the internet. And it could be so easy! The company that I work for is an Austrian software manufacturer and one of their products is Mindbreeze InSite.

Federated search – How council websites become information hubs


The multi-site or so-called „federated” search is the key. It turns any internet page into a portal to a world of information that stretches across many other pages and sites. To refer concretely to the example of my local council website: If Mindbreeze InSite was integrated there, I would have found all the information on energy performance certificates without needing to leave the page. Such is the way that Mindbreeze InSite deals with search inquiries. In other words: No matter what search term you enter, Mindbreeze InSite combs through each connected website – this can be just one or a few up to an unlimited number. The relevant website operator, in this case my local council, decides what websites should be connected. Ideally, my local council’s website would be connected via Mindbreeze InSite to Upper Austria’s county website and to the federal site. Then I would have all the information I need on the energy performance certificate without actually leaving my local council’s site.

From my point of view, I can see this bringing a whole host of advantages. Without maintenance effort, my local council’s website is always up-to-date, informative and all duplicate content can be got rid of. The icing and cherry on the cake is that Mindbreeze InSite also delivers perfect search results on the respective council websites, turning them into information hubs for the entire local community. In my opinion, a genuine business card for the perfect community service.

Somehow it feels good to write away your frustrations!

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