Published: October 12, 2011 - 02:00

New Dimensions of Finding on your Website

A professional internet presence is an essential quality criterion for a company. Customers and website visitors want to find semantic contents quickly and efficiently. This applies especially for IT publications. The main goal is to provide a search for all available
online-portals and make the results available for the readers at split-second speed.

COMPUTERWELT publishes on several websites such as, the company data base and portals, and Over 300 articles are newly published each week.

The search available on the website was database driven and static. It was also incapable of displaying semantic contexts. The search was available via an online portal, was not state of the art and didn’t meet the requirements of the readers. These deficits caused the people in charge to search for a newer, better solution.

Detailed tests took place, in which Fabasoft Mindbreeze InSite proved capable of satisfying the requirements. The Cloud system searches the COMPUTERWELT website for changes several times a day. The service itself is processed in the Fabasoft data center. This means no maintenance effort for the customer. The online editor is able to tailor the search according the requirements of the reader at any time. The search in the different portals is grouped in several tabs which makes the search easy and clear.

The Cloud Service searches over 600,000 documents and articles with 300 new articles each week and roughly 20,000 searches each day. Fabasoft Mindbreeze InSite was ready for use within 30 minutes.

You can find further information at Fabasoft Mindbreeze InSite.