Published: October 18, 2011 - 02:00

My 24x7 Personal Assistant. Experience a New Dimension of Mobility.

New York, JFK Airport, Monday Morning.

5 tiring conference days behind me, the joy of returning home in front of me. Even a 5 hour flight delay is no longer a big deal. An e-mail from a business partner still is however. He wants to know there and then which settings he needs to activate so that our embedded client runs smoothly in a Kerberos environment. As I said - to briefly re-set the scene - I'm sitting in JFK Airport in New York, 6 hours time difference, 5 hour delay, dog-tired and still need to shoot this detailed, precise information out from the hip. Roughly what he needs to do is in my head but the question warrants an exact answer. A second-grade response would be to write back: "take a look at the embedded client handbook", it details exactly what you need to do. But this isn't my understanding of service and service quality...

This is the perfect scenario for Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise to flex its muscles. iPad out of my pocket, connect to WLAN or 3G and click on my favorite button. The white M against a yellow background. My personal assistant who can answer such complicated queries as this one at anytime and anywhere, 24x7. And it's undemanding - a small portion of electricity, a little bit of internet and my "Mindbreeze assistant" researches for me and delivers the exact answer within seconds.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise searches my company's entire knowledge, including umpteen thousands of E-mails in my PST files. And sure enough it's in one of my PST files that Mindbreeze strikes gold. Copy from the preview displayed in Mindbreeze and paste into the reply to my business partner. One click later and the e-mail is on its way. Time taken: 2 minutes, including reading the e-mail and sending the reply. That's my understanding of service. Now I'm bored again at the airport - still 4 hours and 58 minutes to negotiate before my delayed return flight.

Talking of being bored: New York JFK. When, how and why was it actually built? Was JFK built first, then Newark Liberty International Airport and La Guardia Airport? Or the other way round? My intelligent little personal assistant "Mindbreeze for Wikipedia" ( provides me with the answer from Wikipedia just as quickly as the customer query before, and complete with the same convenient preview function.

I find it even cooler that I can find exactly the information that I need via semantic categories. But still 4 hours and 56 minutes until my flight home takes off - I'll pass the time with my tablet and new eBook „empowered“ by Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler. Alongside Mindbreeze also highly recommendable!

Best regards,
Daniel Fallmann