Published: September 4, 2013 - 02:00

Mobile workers on the up

By 2015 approximately 37% of the world’s workforce will be so-called “mobile workers” who don’t operate from a fixed workplace and therefore need access to their data wherever they are.

Mindbreeze focuses strongly on this issue. With the intelligent search technology Mindbreeze InSite we’ve developed a search that not only delivers an easy, effortless finding experience but that also puts content-related terms into context with data. This enables, for example, correlations between emails, calendar entries, customer data and relevant websites to be recognised and displayed.

Due to the increasingly popular “bring your own device” policy, it’s becoming more and more important to enable employees to easily access company-internal data. Security plays a major role here, which can be guaranteed through single sign-on mechanisms, for example.

The future can expect to bring a strong increase in usage of cloud services. The ability to securely and easily access company-internal data, information and applications on the move will continue to play an ever increasing role in businesses.

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