Mobile Search for your Enterprise

Analysts predict that 2011 will be the year of mobile enterprise applications. Why now? The smartphone segment is undergoing permanent growth (Nielsen estimates that smartphones will account for 50% of US mobile devices by the end of the year) and the usage of 4G powered devices is growing dramatically, enabling enormous bandwidths on the go.

Mobile Information AccessEnterprise Search and Mobile Search are a perfect fit for today's enterprise requirements. With Fabasoft Mindbreeze Mobile, accessing your corporate knowledge is possible with just 3 steps:

  1. Configure your Fabasoft Mindbreeze Appliance (for fastest possible on-premise deployments) or make use of our SaaS and Cloud Services.
  2. Crawl and Index your corporate content
  3. Secure search and access to all information via your mobile device, with access rights enforced.

What's special about Mobile Search Applications?
It's mainly two points:

  • form factor and
  • device features.

That's why our Mobile Client is specially-tailored for the restricted screen sizes and special haptic requirements of modern touch mobiles (like the iPhone or Android based mobiles). This empowers you to access information anytime from anywhere without any hassle.

You start simply by entering your query in the search field, as you submit the search, a result list will appear underneath it, providing only the most important information (document title and modification date).

Scroll down the list using standard touch gestures to locate the document of your interest.

By tapping a document in the result list a preview page will come up showing the metadata and contents of that document (as HTML preview). Simply touching the Results button will take you back to the result list.

Throughout the user interface, terms in the text matching your query will be highlighted to provide awareness of all relevant passages in the text.
If more results are available than displayed, the last element in the result list is a button  "Load more results ...".
After clicking that button, a search for more documents will be started in the background.
As soon as they're available, the button will disappear and be replaced by those results.

On your iPad, we make use of the larger screen. You get a full featured version of our Web Client, matching the capabilities of this larger touch device. Touch elements will be optimized for your fingertips to ensure state-of-the-art usability.

Throughout our client palette, you can federate any sources (like Wikipedia or Fabasoft Folio Cloud search infrastructure), enabling company infrastructures to add data sources on the fly, such as Wikipedia, but nevertheless upholding the individual user's freedom to turn on and off these data sources for his/her account as they wish.

Try it yourself from your Smartphone via our Mindbreeze Wikipedia Search.

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