Published: March 19, 2014 - 09:39

Mindbreeze starts into the spring

In-time for spring we deliver again several improvements to our products.

With targeted optimization interesting new features got implemented in the 2014 Spring Release.

Search performance optimization

Now you can find e-mails more efficiently in PST files.

The user- or application context too can be used dynamically in the future, which is a further improvement of the search performance.

Extended visual preview

Content from the web, pdf, Power Point (pptx) and OpenOffice documents (odt, ods, odp) can now additionally be shown at already existing HTML previews. 




Mobile access to Outlook data files


With the Spring Release you now have the possibility to access all your Outlook data files (PSTs) at any time and from anywhere.


Thus, a focused search over Outlook-, Exchange- and other data sources can be replaced by targeted search applications.


This enables the professional mobile access to all your mail information on your smartphones and tablets. 



Semantic search through calculated properties

Search applications are often supported by calculated properties. These can be calculated and saved in the index only based on indexed properties. This happens through the so-called value transformation.


Additionally, properties can be recognized in the extracted text respectively in the structured meta data and entered in the indexed documents through “Entity Recognition” in a rule-based manner. This happens regardless of the actual data source. Besides of the better find and display of information, this enrichment allows for the creation of addition filter dimensions. Numbers and date values can also be recognized as entities.


Please follow the link below to download the update for Mindbreeze InSpire:


Download: Mindbreeze InSpire


Our Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise customers find the download here:

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise -


Enjoy our 2014 Spring Release!

Here you can find the Download.