Published: November 8, 2013 - 01:00

Mindbreeze InSpire – The Perfect Tool for Data Scientists!

Ever increasing masses of data are being captured in different formats and from diverse sources. The challenge is to structure this “Big Data” and to translate it into information so that it’s useful to all employees in all departments – e.g. for sales, production and support – of the organisation.

This is one of the tasks assigned to the new job profession created by Big Data – the data scientists. 

This job profile encompasses the skills of a mathematician, a computer scientist, a business development specialist and a “hacker” (in the positive sense of the term). With these abilities it should be possible to search through company assets, recognise trends and optimise business processes. Ultimately, these specialised personnel, who according to the Harvard Business Review have the “sexiest job” of the 21st century , should find solutions to company problems and support the company in making progress using the collected data and different tools.

But many programs cannot capture the ever increasing masses of data in a holistic and structured manner. New software is needed.

Information Pairing is a new technical Mindbreeze feature, which, since the 2013 Fall Release is also included with Mindbreeze InSpire. Information Pairing efficiently connects information from different sources. The resulting search applications can be individually configured and adapted.  

With Mindbreeze InSite it’s therefore possible, for example, to create personalised information on websites without any manual effort for website editors.

Mindbreeze InSpire unites information from all data sources within a company and selected high quality information from the internet into a semantic search index. Data scientists can therefore build customised search applications in just a few clicks that efficiently deliver the right knowledge to different users in the company.