Mindbreeze InSite caters for all needs.

With each monthly update, Mindbreeze continues to race along its path of further development. An often internationally neglected area is the topic of accessibility. People with disabilities and specialist needs should have the assurance that they can find the information that they’re looking for in the internet. Mindbreeze follows this principle and this is what makes it the perfect search machine for websites who want to be accessible. And with all due respect, if it was up to me, all websites would have to be accessible.

Multimediadocuments are searchable with Mindbreeze so that text, audio and video files can be found. It is also completely irrelevant whether the content is stored in PDF, JPG, AVI etc. format. Mindbreeze InSite understands these multimedia files, makes them searchable and delivers search results with pinpoint accuracy.  This is possible through so-called “web harvesting”. What this essentially means, is that Mindbreeze understands a website’s structure and content and therefore enables a multidimensional search. In other words: Where some search machines gave up long ago, Mindbreeze  dives deeper into the endless depths of digital information and returns to the surface with the results you need. This “web harvesting” is particularly ideal for news portals. Each searched article is displayed with respective images. So if you’re on a news site and search for „Statue of Liberty“, you receive all articles on the statue of liberty and simultaneously the images that belong to each article.


Special navigation aids such as facets and search tabs structure the results of the query into topics. With regard to our statue of liberty example, this means an optimization of the search according to date, author, file type and topic (e.g. only articles that deal with the renovation of the statue of liberty). As I said, all the information from all the different file formats is always displayed – nothing is forgotten or overlooked. In this way, Mindbreeze is your center of excellence for accessible finding.

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