Published: December 11, 2013 - 01:00

Mindbreeze 2014 Winter Release

Increasing amounts of data in various formats and from different sources are produced on a daily basis. This “big data” needs to be structured and translated into usable and valuable information for each employee of each department in an organisation, from sales through to production and support.

Search applications

The 2014 Winter Release offers the perfect basis for search applications. Search applications efficiently link pieces of information from various sources, resulting in individual and customised information portals and dashboards that really make work easier.

Two specific examples demonstrate the diverse possibilities for implementing the brand new 2014 Winter Release:

Field of application: Healthcare

For many years vast amounts of data and Big Data have been part of everyday clinical life in hospitals. Interest in Big Data and the resulting benefits is now appearing in leading medical research institutions.

Nowadays patient data is generated both manually by specialist personnel and automatically by medical devices. Part of the information is available via electronic health records (ELGA), many information comes from laboratory test results, X-ray images etc.


Finding the right information from this extensive information demands an increasing degree of time and personal effort, which could be used to concentrate on the patient.

Mindbreeze InSpire offers a significant simplification of these information logistical processes through intelligent research functions. It supports staff particularly efficiently in their daily 


information research.

Field of application: Contract management

The finding of relevant information in client, partner, and supplier contracts is a crucially important part of everyday company life.

A 360° view over all contracts is something you’re sure to find at the top of most users’ wish lists.

A simple finding and consolidation of all contractual parts (including often informally written agreements) saves lots of time, money and effort for employees of various departments. More often than not, structured contractual data is stored in a different system (Excel, Salesforce, etc.) to the contract documents and written communications (data system, document management system, archive system).

So what are users asking Santa for this?

  • To find contractual data via metadata and content
  • To be able to filter search results according to type of contract, client, society, location or contract term
  • To find old contracts even with new product- or organisation names
  • Automatic quality assurance that the link between the metadata and contract documents is correct


These necessary requirements can be met with a search application. Mindbreeze InSpire satisfies these needs without changing previous

 work methods or migrating old systems in a new one. Using semantic search methods, users can efficiently extract various product, organisation names or contract types from free text. A further benefit: Mindbreeze InSpire delivers the relevant findings, regardless of whether a user searches for the Mindbreeze contract with terms like “Enterprise Search”, “Mindbreeze”, “Mindbreeze GmbH” or “Mindbreeze Software GmbH”.

Search experience

User experience has become a decisive trend lately. After all, IT should serve its user and not itself.

With the 2014 Winter Release we focused on the “search experience” and making it consistent across our products. With minimum effort it is now possible to measure how well does the user receive and adopt the search or the search applications.

From the 2014 Winter Release the Feedback functionality of Fabasoft app.telemetry and, consequently, the end-to-end measurement of all system components within the individual use cases is supported.



Additionally, two pre-configured dashboards are available in order to answer, without any adjustment, the most frequent questions regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and performance, as well as search experience. Using this measurement it’s possible to maintain a continuous and sustainable search experience improvement.

We hope you enjoy our 2014 Winter Release. Download here.