Published: October 31, 2010 - 02:00

Linked Data – Why You Should Care

A short introduction to Linked Data:

Linked Data is a project of the W3C with the goal of allowing you to discover, connect to, describe, and re-use all kinds of data. It is to data and information what the World Wide Web was to documents back in the 90's. There is a good chance that it will once again change the way we interact with information.

A great place to start to understand Linked Data is Sir Tim's TED talk, embedded below. It's just 15 minutes and recommended if you want to grok where the Web is headed. The slides are also available.

The concept is straight forward and received lots of attention from people and companies over the last three years. Today we are familiar with linking from one website to several others and vice versa. We are using embedded objects like YouTube videos, SlideShare slides or Google Maps mashups as part of our website content and make use of many information services around by embedding and linking their content.

Let's think of every piece of information on the web such as

  • places,
  • people,
  • conferences,
  • lectures,
  • presentations,
  • projects and lots more

as unique entities/objects that can be used and related to each other as trivially as we work with documents today. A "document" is then kind of a graph of entities (linked data) and additional semantic information and relationships are the "glue" for these entities.

Note: This of course does not only work for web content, it works for every piece of information. This might be one of the most important basic building blocks for information-driven organizations. Getting a 360° view on a business, customer, product or even competitor quickly will be the game changer in the next few years. Companies that are able to face that faster and more precisely tha their competitors will succeed. Security, nevertheless, is the most important aspect that needs to be enforced without any exception or compromise.

360° View to Your Business

Digital Cognition: Make use of linked and related information

We at Mindbreeze have developed our technology from the early beginnings to perfectly fit the concept that was outlined by Tim Berners-Lee. Fabasoft Mindbreeze is able to relate objects with each other like entities in a very efficient and dynamic way. We apply security, context and actions to all of these objects/entities.

What is it used for today?

For example one of our partners developed an application based on Fabasoft Mindbreeze InApp that reads HL7 messages (a healthcare information exchange standard) and  extracts entities from these messages. These entities are then related, even with medical information such as patient information sheets.

So they created a search-based application, to find out which medicine has which ingredients. Moreover they are now able to relate all this information to generate added value for their patients and doctors.

So they can now get answers (and not just a list of results) to questions like:

Digital Cognition (Next generation linked data applications)

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise empowers you to

  • enrich and annotate information,
  • display contextualized meta-information (as objects and not just basic data types like strings)
  • apply context and
  • take action on these objects immediately.

Personalized and Contextualized Linked Information

Add momentum to your information landscape. Now.

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