Published: August 28, 2013 - 02:00

IT internship 2013

After the success of last year, in January 2013 Austria’s leading technology portal once again started its campaign to support candidates in their search for an internship in the IT sector. Mindbreeze was also once again happy to put internship places up for grabs

At the Mindbreeze office in Linz we were able to fill an internship place for online marketing. “The variety of interesting applications made it a difficult decision”, said Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Fallmann, Founder and CEO of Mindbreeze. “We decided on a candidate for online marketing who impressed us with his extensive knowledge. Everything that was asked of him was completed quickly, reliably and with great motivation – we couldn’t have asked for more.”


Report from Nikolaus Haslinger: “In July 2013 I was able to complete an internship with Mindbreeze in Linz and it proved to be a great experience. Even at the job interview a strong sense of appreciation came across and this was maintained throughout the duration of the internship.


Picture: v.l.t.r.: Nikolaus Haslinger mit Daniel Fallmann 

Already on my first day, after an introduction to the company and a tour through the office, I was able to compose and publish news feeds, blog articles, Facebook posts and tweets. So by the end of my first day I felt fully integrated into varied working processes and by the end of the week I was given even more interesting and challenging tasks. 

I was also given the opportunity to prove my graphic skills by designing the package insert for the product Mindbreeze InSpire and producing a Prezi presentation.


The working environment at Mindbreeze is simply excellent. Where possible, questions are answered straight away. Breakfast and lunch breaks also provide perfect opportunities to chat about hobbies and other more informal topics. What I also really liked is that at Mindbreeze everyone addresses each other using the informal “Du” (you) form – this made the working environment feel much more personal. Generally, I can only recommend an internship at Mindbreeze – you don’t just get assigned mundane intern tasks but are treated and valued as an actual employee and are given a variety of genuine tasks – and of course within the excellent working environment. Thank you to Daniel Fallmann and his team for a really great time at Mindbreeze.”