Published: March 31, 2011 - 02:00

Informed Decisions: Connect your Enterprise and the Cloud

As we all know, information and knowledge nowadays is spread across enterprise (on-premise) applications and Cloud services. To make swift and informed decisions it is essential to get a fast understanding of the available information and of all relations and people/experts involved. Enteprise Search and especially Unified Information Access allows a perfect symbiosis of (on-premise) enterprise applications with Cloud services and Cloud Apps.

With our latest release, the 2011 Winter Release, we have released a brand new feature that empowers the individual user to make use of Cloud services to seamlessly
  • search,
  • enrich and
  • relate enterprise content with content from e.g. Wikipedia or any Cloud application such as Fabasoft Folio Cloud.

Let me sketch how easy this is to use in just 4 steps from an end user's perspective with Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise:

1) Go to your "Account".

2) Activate the Cloud services you want to include, for instance Wikipedia and for collaboration purpose you might want to search your personal Fabasoft Folio Cloud team rooms.

3) Log in in with your personal Fabasoft Folio Cloud account and add the service to your search as well. The content is seamlessly integrated into your search. You can of course have a single login over all services via our SAML support.

4) The login for Fabasoft Folio Cloud is available via e-mail address, OpenID and certificate. After you've logged in to the system the additional source is successfully activated.

The bottom line: Understanding activities, requirements, and relationships in your organization means processing information in a comprehensible form at the right time and being able to utilize context. Intelligent conversational search is the key to serendipity. Search must spawn over all information sources to work as it should. Furthermore, the interface guides you through relevant information and leads to immediate action.

It is not just retrieving information you need, it is all about getting a 360° view of your enterprise's people, customers, business, activities, and competitors.

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“Informed Decisions: Connect your Enterprise and the Cloud,” Daniel Fallmann
explains: To make swift and informed decisions it is essential to get a fast

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