Published: October 20, 2011 - 02:00

Information Pairing - Knowledge Match Making for your Company!

Knowledge grows constantly. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. This applies to personal knowledge, both life experience and further learning in equal measures. The same concept applies to a company's knowledge. Customers, partners and of course employees continuously bring new inputs, technological and commercial. Their perspective on the company and its products can highlight new opportunities and provide valuable feedback.

However, this newly acquired knowledge often doesn't reach anyone except for the individual who appropriates it. The crucial issue here is how to make this dynamically growing knowledge usable across the entire company as instantly as possible. A hierarchical organization is often not possible or simply not implementable in terms of time and cost efficiency.

This is where a very simple strategy comes into play: Bringing together what belongs together.

Information Pairing

It sounds easy at first glance but it's technologically highly complex. 6 years of research and development work later, Fabasoft Mindbreeze has the answer: Information pairing. This involves the boundless networking of company relevant information within an enterprise or organization and placing it in the Cloud. In my opinion acting in this way in all business issues is reliable, dynamic and profitable - the basis for competitive advantage.

Usability & Style

The Fabasoft Mindbreeze web client is the driving force for professional unified information access. It gives employees a flexible and easy platform of knowledge that grows with you.

Elegant. Quick. Pinpoint accurate.

The information that you're looking for is delivered quickly and with pinpoint accuracy by Fabasoft Mindbreeze. Access rights are still maintained - since the practical and time-saving use of this technology mustn't compromise data security in any way.

Existing identities and access rights to company-internal and Cloud data remain preserved. The user only receives information displayed for which he/she has access rights for. This ensures that Fabasoft Mindbreeze fulfills the strictest compliance requirements. Furthermore, Mindbreeze is certified according to all relevant security standards.

A small side-step: During the development of Fabasoft Mindbreeze we focused 100% exclusively on European values.

... You see, knowledge grows constantly.

Best regards,

Daniel Fallmann

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