Published: October 2, 2012 - 02:00

Fabasoft Mindbreeze 2012 Fall Release!

Answers to your questions

What does the right server and service layout for my infrastructure (sizing) look like?

Time and again, it's important to know how to organize servers and services for an infrastructure to achieve ideal search times and maximum up-to-dateness. With this release, our Mindbreeze Enterprise architecture sets the bar higher than it's ever been before.

One logical index service per account/server is enough to dynamically and automatically scale. We call this elastic index.

In Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise administrators now have the possibility to determine how many documents should be in each index bucket of the elastic index (30,000 is entered as default). The system automatically scales during a subsequent indexing and dynamically sets up these buckets.

How can I filter documents that couldn't be filtered with the selected filter, for example really old file formats?

Company databases often find documents in "old" file types such as Office 95 documents, for example.

Even if this version is not supported according to the software product information, there are still filters that recognize these formats. Administrators now have the possibility to use all filters for a media type to filter a document. In the settings the relevant file type (e.g. .doc) can be entered and a so-called filter fallback chain becomes effective. This means that if a document isn't recognized, all other filters available for this file type are tried. Within a few seconds the document is back in the index and can be found.

Mindbreeze InSite

Mindbreeze InSite is now available in responsive web design. This means that even if I change the size of my browser window, the search results are always displayed in a clearly structured way, even if the page that is integrated into Mindbreeze InSite has not been created in responsive web design. This feature of course also works on mobile devices such as the iPhone.

A further Mindbreeze InSite possibility can be seen on the site of a new Mindbreeze InSite user.

On Mindbreeze InSite delivers the topics in the navigation point "Top topics". The topics can be taken from the query analytics functionality from Mindbreeze InSite. This then provides the most searched for topics, which are then displayed in the navigation.

Mindbreeze's information pairing technology is also used by to create overview pages. The most relevant current blog posts are put together by Mindbreeze InSite based on search results. The user doesn't even realize that they are viewing search results and the website service quality increases significantly.

Mindbreeze Cognition

Mindbreeze Cognition is the new high-end product from Mindbreeze that specializes in semantic finding and the semantic content analysis of information. Mindbreeze Cognition is specially designed to understand content.

At the time of indexing Mindbreeze has the possibility to implement semantic tools and analysis mechanisms in order to extract more information from the data. This enables a user's search to refer to semantic knowledge and to then deliver semantic relationships with the search results.

This allows an automatic recognition of standard patterns such as e.g. numbers, date, phone numbers, email addresses etc. Furthermore, it enables an analysis of the content and recognizes new relationships and influences the ranking. This also makes it possible, for example, to search according to year, business figures etc. or to limit the search to certain ranges (e.g. between 2008 and 2012).

This is achieved by using already existing semantic libraries (such as to enrich information. Here it's important that the information is focused on the respective needs of the user.

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