CMIS: Open Standard for Information Access

The importance of interoperability between Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software becomes more and more apparent because of the strengths and weaknesses of ECM software in different aspects. According to Gartner's "Magic Quadrant for ECM", published in September 2008, 69 % of enterprises have more than 6 different repositories. Integration of these repositories has led to development of protocols and open standards like CMIS.

What is CMIS ?
Content Management Interoperability Service (CMIS) was published by major ECM vendors to define a common domain model and a set of bindings, such as Web Service and REST/Atom for different ECM software. OASIS approved CMIS on 1 May 2010 as an OASIS specification. By providing interoperability at repository level CMIS allows old and legacy systems to remain running, with documents and contents at least accessible in new systems. Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise supports CMIS to support an open standard to access information of different indexed/connected sources in a uniform way.

Uniform information access
Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise provides all services and interfaces needed for CMIS out-of-the-box.

Fabasoft Folio Cloud App

Let me explain the interoperablity use cases with an example of an iPad application implemented for Fabasoft Folio Cloud. The Fabasoft Folio Cloud App accesses documents and folders in Fabasoft Folio Cloud through CMIS. Searches performed by users issue CMIS queries against Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise. The returned results provide information (CMIS properties) for accessing these results in Fabasoft Folio Cloud. The results are either from object type document or object type folder. This information allows the iPad App to

  • either show the document, in the case of document object type, or
  • navigate further, in the case of folder object type.

Interoperability use cases during user interaction with Folio Cloud App:

  • In the following screenshot we see that the iPad App shows the contact in Folio Cloud by touching a search result. Showing the contact is based on the CMIS document object type property provided in search result.

  • Showing a PDF preview of a PowerPoint presentation based on the CMIS document object type property provided in search result.

  • By touching a search result from CMIS folder object type, the client shows documents contained in that folder.

Try out the Fabasoft Folio Cloud App: