Call Center: Mindbreeze leads to success!

Call center employees are a rare species, a breed of all seeing, all-knowing, ever-present superhumans. Always under time pressure. Demanding customers. 101 different  tasks. Always expected to provide the perfect answer. And that with a permanently friendly manner. A job of superlatives, at least in terms of workload and pressure to succeed.

What happens on the other end of the phone can be described as follows: During a customer inquiry call center employees hastily, desperately and sometimes hopelessly comb through up to 20 different applications or knowledge platforms. To have no answer is simply not an option.

In response to this problem area I asked myself the following question. Can Mindbreeze be implemented as a customer service solution? The answer is a clear YES. Mindbreeze is ideal as a customer service solution. Via information pairing all related information, whether structured or unstructured, from internal or external applications (e.g. client portals), new or old, is linked together.  A company’s entire knowledge becomes instantly accessible. Instead of combing through 20 different applications, you need just one tool. Mindbreeze makes customer service quicker, easier and more efficient, whilst simultaneously increasing quality and customer satisfaction. As a bonus, costs are reduced and your call center employees are happier!

I can prove this claim, since Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise has already been successfully implemented in call centers. Managing to reduce complex, time-intensive research to a minimum. The temporary storing of information in file systems can be completely abolished. Call center employees compile and send the reply directly within Mindbreeze – this is enabled by a collection basket directly within the Mindbreeze user interface, similar to a shopping cart in online shopping portals.

Sammelfunktion für Customer Service

Call center employees remain exclusively within the Mindbreeze user interface for the duration of processing an inquiry. At no stage do they need to switch to a different interface or application.

The information is displayed as a preview and formatted as in the original document. The entered search term is highlighted.

I claim that what Mindbreeze cannot find in your company, has never existed. Mindbreeze supports all current formats and sources from Microsoft, Apple, Linux and the Open Source world.

Furthermore, market analysts such as the Gartner Group consider Fabasoft Mindbreeze to be on the same level as the sector’s global market leaders. European software know-how that I’m proud of.

Best regards,

Daniel Fallmann