Published: July 27, 2012 - 02:00

Bring your most up to date data onto Facebook!

"Social Media" - I'm sure it's a term that you've heard mentioned recently. Suddenly a term that didn't mean much if anything at all not so long ago, is on the tip of everyone's tongue.

You can quickly lose touch if you don't stay tuned in and up to date with the latest trends. Almost all companies now have a presence on the social network Facebook. But it's often the case that these company presences are not active enough - often because there simply isn't enough time to maintain the Facebook page.

As you may already know, with the information pairing technology from Mindbreeze you can fully automatically extract blog content and post it onto relevant website pages. I want to quickly show you how you can use this feature for your Facebook page so that you can also keep your social presence up to date.

For this you need a Facebook App for your page and a Mindbreeze InSite account.

Now you just need to create your personal snippet and embed it onto a HTML page on your web server. The page design is completely up to you - you just need to have the two Javascript snippets embedded into the code. In Facebook you can implement this page using an iframe.

Generate your personal snippet using information pairing directly on your Mindbreeze InSite page under the menu tab "Information Pairing". Once you've completed this step, you just need to reference your Facebook App to the page. Facebook Tutorial


Our technology now makes sure that the latest content from your blog or website is always displayed on your Facebook page. This allows you to kill two birds with one stone - your Facebook presence is always up to date and Facebook users generate traffic to your website.

Visit our Facebook page now and see the new features in action: Mindbreeze Facebook page