Published: June 11, 2013 - 02:00

A Peak behind the Scenes

We are constantly faced with the challenge of making sure that our Mindbreeze client works smoothly on the different and most up-to-date mobile devices and that all functions (e.g. buttons) are accessible. To help with this we set up a “Usability Lab” at our head office in Linz.

A glimpse in the lab:

Usability Lab

An important factor regarding mobile devices is responsive design.
All Mindbreeze widgets and user interface components are based on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript standards and deliver an optimal display on any interface and for any device size.
Our search applications can be adapted by users. This enables customised solutions that give each user a view of information that corresponds to their interests. Management may be interested in different facts to customer support or developers, for example.
Our usability lab offers us the opportunity to test and ensure the quality of all design elements on different devices. This also guarantees for the future, that Mindbreeze is ready for action anytime and anywhere, whether you’re in the office or on the move.


Accessibility is also tested here. This means that we can develop and test our products for people with disabilities.

Test and improve together with our customers

We also hold testing days together with our customers, which give us the chance to receive feedback on the client directly from users. This allows us to achieve sustainable improvements and to develop the product in an even more customer-oriented manner.