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A Clear Breeze In The Cloud

You may be familiar with Mindbreeze in Folio Cloud - an indexed, semantic, easily configurable search tool that adds a further dynamic dimension to the Cloud. Whether you need to find an e-mail, document, contact, team room or any other object, Mindbreeze searches your Cloud with speed and intelligence.

Search in...

Under Mindbreeze in Folio Cloud you can select the sources that you want to search quite simply via a menu box directly in the search screen. You can conveniently select the source(s) that are relevant for your search and also select restrictions based on the tick-box options shown below.

Mindbreeze "Search in" menu in Folio Cloud

So if you've saved your Microsoft Outlook PST files in the Cloud and want to find an archived e-mail - you can restrict your search to "Microsoft Outlook PST" and Mindbreeze will only display hits from your PST archives.

Dynamic object tabs

In addition to the search source you can also define the type of object that you're looking for. The tabs displayed above the search results screen allow you to shift between different categories of objects at the click of a mouse. In the example below you can switch between rooms, folders, people and e-mails.

Mindbreeze object tabs

In contrast to general searches, where the search results list contains all items containing the search term, Mindbreeze offers you the possibility to effortlessly conduct a search on three levels: The source. The object. The search term. And it recognized relations between objects.

Enterprise value

The object tabs displayed in the search screen can be customized by the administrator to reflect the exact search needs of an enterprise. With this feature and the ability to define the search source(s) the search tool becomes tailored to specific business use cases, saving valuable time and effort. This efficiency in finding the information that you need represents real business value and translates into competitive advantage - quick information = instant knowledge. Knowledge = power!

Mindbreeze + Folio Cloud = Agile business tool

A marketing manager wants to find and edit information relating to an impending press release about the office project "The Squaire" so that she can send it on to her press contacts. As she and her team use Folio Cloud to collaborate with business partners she knows that all the relevant information is stored in a team room (a secure area in Folio Cloud for the exchange of data).
By refining her search source to "Fabasoft Folio Cloud" and clicking on the "rooms" tab she can instantly filter the results list down to exactly what she needs. All in just two mouse clicks.

Refine the search to "rooms"

She can open the the team room directly from the Mindbreeze search results display, access the information and make the necessary changes. With Mindbreeze and Folio Cloud fully functional on mobile devices this is also possible on the move - so she can collaborate with her press contacts quickly and easily with her iPhone even en route to the press conference.

Try out Mindbreeze in the Cloud now!

With the free primo version of Folio Cloud you can try out Mindbreeze in the Cloud for free. Sign up here for your free account and start searching the Cloud.

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