Published: June 18, 2013 - 02:00

2013 Summer Release

With the 2013 Summer Release we’ve further improved what we already had and added new and exciting features. Our Mindbreeze products and Mindbreeze websites have been redesigned to better fit our customer needs. With Mindbreeze InSite we provide our customers with a cloud service for professional website search. Simply register for a free 10 day trial on our website.

The new Mindbreeze website is online

Mindbreeze InSpire: We've extended our Enterprise Search offering

With Mindbreeze InSpire, for which you can sign up for a free 28 day trial on our website, we’ve extended our service offerings for on-premise installations.
Customers pay for exactly the number of documents that can be searched through by Mindbreeze InSpire.
Mindbreeze InSpire includes all available Mindbreeze connectors. The service is also accessible from all end devices. With Mindbreeze InApp we make life easier for our partners.
Without installation and without configuration the proven Mindbreeze technology can be used to search individual applications. It’s licensed on the basis of registered users.

Mindbreeze InSite

Mindbreeze InSite has been extended with the 2013 Summer Release. Our cloud service is now available in all Fabasoft locations.
What does this bring you?

Your data remains in the selected country (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Not only that, latency times for your users are optimal. For a German information portal, for example, all searches are answered by our German data centres and are therefore quicker. The same principle applies to our other locations.

Additionally, our data centres offer the perfect basis for securely indexing confidential information, so behind a login, with our cloud service, particularly so that this data doesn’t leave the country. But we haven’t just brought InSite to the locations.

We’ve made InSite smarter

Up until now InSite used to extract structured information from websites, such as semantic annotations, and offer these as search facets, for example. With patterns it’s now also possible to extract structured information from free text.
This makes it possible for Mindbreeze InSite to understand content away from standards such as Dublin Core, Open Graph or Microdata and to open up new information dimensions to the user.

We’ve made what we already had even better

This particularly affects the repeatedly inquired about producer/consumer scenarios. Using producer/consumer, indexes can be updated at minimal intervals. In this context we talk about a live index. And this doesn‘t affect the searching performance. For IT professionals this means high-frequency delta indexing and multiple parallel queries with consistent minimal response times.

Our customers have asked us for best practices for index synchronisation

Since we have collected a great deal of experience in this area through the operation of our cloud services we’ve commercialised the key points and reduced it to a common denominator.
The product now takes on the synchronisation under Linux and Windows and ensures that only the changes need to be transferred instead of exchanging full indexes.
This enables minimum end-to-end update intervals. Furthermore, we’re already working on the next generation of our client platform which makes the collaborative creation of search applications even easier.
More about this is coming with the 2013 Fall Release…
We hope you enjoy our 2013 Summer Release. Download here!