Published: March 22, 2013 - 01:00

2013 Spring Release

This document gives you a quick overview of the new features from the Mindbreeze 2013 Spring Release.

Mindbreeze InApp: The Virtual Search Appliance for Partners

With Mindbreeze InApp, Mindbreeze offers an out-of-the-box VSA (Virtual Search Appliance) that partners can use to extend their own applications with the professional Mindbreeze search. The SDK is also adapted to fit the specific needs of partners.

Tokenizer Profile

With the Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise 2013 Spring Release it's also possible to save so-called tokenizer profiles (option "Tokenizer Profile" in the extended index configuration). The selection options currently consist of "numeric" and "nonnumeric". For indexes that haven't been newly indexed since the Mindbreeze 2012 Fall Release or for those who use a "nonnumeric" version of the 2012 Fall Release, "nonnumeric" can be saved as a profile before the first start of the index service. This means that it is set as an existing profile. "numeric" is used as default.

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