Published: October 3, 2013 - 02:00

2013 Fall Release

The client shines in its new design

The Mindbreeze client has been given a fresh lick of paint and is now available in the new design. Particular emphasis was placed on usability, quality and style.

Amongst other things there is now a suggestion function. Using responsive web design, we can also guarantee that the one single client is optimally displayed on all mobile devices.


So you can find the information you need even on the move and no matter what device you have.


Information Pairing for Mindbreeze InSpire

For the first time Mindbreeze InSpire comes with Information Pairing. This means you can easily create individual and efficient search applications with our search appliance. Information Pairing offers the ideal tool kit for specialist departments and data engineers to quickly analyze, connect and visualize important information. With no programming knowledge needed.




More connectors available

From this fall there are three new connectors available for Mindbreeze InSpire:


  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013 connector

    This means that data in your Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is also indexed and displayed in the search results. Corresponding web parts for the smooth integration in Microsoft SharePoint are included.

  • Microsoft Exchange 2013 connector

    With this connector you can find data such as emails, addresses, contacts and appointments from your Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. Together with the possibility to search through PST archives, Mindbreeze forms the perfect companion for your company communication.

  • EMC Documentum connector

    The EMC Documentum connector makes all Mindbreeze InSpire possibilities available for Documentum customers. If needed, the efficient and semantic Mindbreeze search can replace the EMC Xplore search.

Easier than ever before: Mindbreeze InSpire setup

Installing a Mindbreeze InSpire appliance is now even easier. Single step-by-step guides for the different connectors are included in the box. So you can configure your Mindbreeze InSpire appliance quickly and securely. 

Incidentally, you can also test Mindbreeze InSpire for 28 days. Simply register here and we’ll get your trial set up.