Published: March 16, 2012 - 01:00

2012 Spring Release – Fully Mobile

When the snow melts and spring is on the horizon, there’s an irrepressible urge to be outside. This urge must affect Mindbreeze too because it’s fully mobile and getting about everywhere! No matter where, when or what. Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise delivers the answer that you need.

My personal call center

In some ways every manager, businessman and employee is their own personal call center. In meetings you need quick answers to questions or plain and simple knowledge to make a decision. With pinpoint accuracy.

The Fabasoft Mindbreeze 2012 Spring Release is specially designed for tablets and smartphones. Everything that Mindbreeze could previously do on a desktop it can now do on tablets and smartphones too. Apple, Microsoft or Android – it makes no difference. This is important to us, since we’ve been working on strategy 100 for many years – 100% functionality on all platforms.

Take the “collect” function for example. The collection basket in Mindbreeze is like your cart in an online shop – an overview of your purchases. It contains all the information for a search term that is relevant for you. In other words: Mindbreeze remembers what’s important for you.

Relevance model


The Spring Release 2012 lends itself as the perfect opportunity to answer a question that I continue to be asked on a regular occasion: Why does Mindbreeze deliver optimal search results but every now and then a result that I don’t expect? The answer is simple – the so-called relevance model. Mindbreeze has configured a general relevance model that fits 90% of our customers perfectly. But the relevance model can also be tailored to meet anyone’s needs. This means that Mindbreeze relevance and your relevance can easily become the same thing!

Mindbreeze InSite: Maximum benefit through hybrid


Mindbreeze InSite doesn’t just make your website informative and up-to-date. With the hybrid Enterprise + Cloud model, it beco mes the center of excellence for your company and employees.

Try Mindbreeze InSite.

Mindbreeze InSite integrates itself smoothly. You can now make your website searchable in the Cloud with InSite and make this data instantly available to internal users.

In this way your website becomes a company- internal information center with maximum synergy effects. To exaggerate it slightly, new products, blog posts etc. concerning the company no longer need to be distributed via e-mail – instead the website automatically becomes the knowledge platform for everyone.

Because nothing is more embarrassing than a customer asking about a company innovation and you aren’t up-to-date with the latest information.

Best regards,

Daniel Fallmann




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